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Handcrafted in Oregon

We choose the Pacific Northwest as our motherland for its rich ecosystem, producing some of the finest raw ingredients for I:se products.

Hood River


Situated alongside the mighty Columbia River in the shadow of Mount Hood, our beautifully bountiful town of Hood River is host to I:se headquarters. Incorporated in 1895 and historically known for its timber and fruit harvesting, our community has evolved into a world-class destination for outdoor sports, art, wine production, and farm-to-table bounty.


Oregon Agriculture


Oregon Trail pioneers who braved the hardships of the journey west came in search of a better life, and the fertile soils of the Columbia Basin and Willamette Valley. This laid foundation for a state that hosts thriving farmers and ranchers. Today, from the lavender fields of Hood River, to the Willamette Valley’s production of the finest Meadowfoam Seed Oil we can find, Oregon wins our hearts as a perfect source for local raw materials bounty.


Lab scene with bottles and beaker


We believe in small batch, high quality production. Every bottle and jar of face care product is made by hand. We don’t use product or packaging machines and only produce what we know will ship within 5 days. Smaller batches are made often–allowing the products to always be fresh, natural, and good for your skin. Most importantly, limited-production allows us to remain in-touch with every product we ship.