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As confidently stated by the translated meaning of the traditional Mohawk word, I:se is about you.

We are a creator of all-natural skincare products with a mission of sustainability, self appreciation, and the cultivation of interpersonal experiences. Located in beautiful Hood River, Oregon, the heart of the Cascade Mountain range, our natural environment fuels our motivation to relentlessly innovate with new products, hold ourselves accountable to our core values, and to serve you – our friend, and our customer.

“As the daughter of a proud member of the Mohawk tribe, I am inspired by the indgenous people of our lands. His influence started me on my journey towards a respect for the earth and its people. A warrior’s soul and a desire to create was born. I hope my story will start you on your own path through today's adventure.”

Stephanie Harte - Founder & Product Designer

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"Some crazy quote goes here"

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