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I:se: Behind the Scenes

I:se: Behind the Scenes

We have friends – really talented friends, now to whom we owe a huge favor for joining us in telling our story on a last-minute request. A big shout out to Amarett Jans and Lance Koudele Photography for understanding our brand voice and showing up to the party.


Location One: The Wind Farms.

Oregon currently has over 46 farms and 600 turbines accounting for over 12% of its electricity production. The average wind turbine generates enough energy in 94 minutes to power an average U.S. home for one month. So yeah, we’re in on this!


Serendipitously, my high school friend Jim, happened to be in town from Phoenix in the middle of our brand video production with his DJI Mini 2 drone and a keen desire to use it.


So, we headed for the rolling desert hills of eastern Oregon on a perfectly windy day to capture these big, fabulous turbines in action.

photoshoot in a wheat field
Stephanie in front of a windfarm 

Location Two: The House.

For the last six months, our tiny home has been ransacked with raw botanicals, production supply, and lab equipment to make this all happen. Adding lighting gear, tripods and lens bags into the mix was perfectly chaotic. 

Photography gear

Amarett & Lance worked perfectly together.

Amarett photographing Stephanie
Lance photographing Stephanie
washing fresh aloe in the sink
Lance photographing Stephanie

Location Three: The Desert.

Cue the sun-soaked Eastern-Oregon landscape, truckload of photography gear, models, drone, and boombox. Starting with an unsuspecting and nail-biting hike down a treacherous trail into a deep canyon, White River Falls emerges.

Hike down White River Canyon

The eastern Mt. Hood watershed plunges 90’ off a basalt shelf, skirting a defunct hydropower plant which, at its time, supplied electricity to north central Oregon from 1910 to 1960.

White River Falls

Aside from a cool mist on a hot day, our little hole in the desert made for a perfect backdrop for a few images.

Lance setting a bottle on Stephanie's hand
Amarett setting bottle on Stephanie's hand
Lance photographing jar on Stephanie's hand with Falls in background.

Next stop, Bakeoven Road. I often ride this “tasty, twisty, stretch of tarmac love” on my motorcycle trips.

Curvy desert road

We were not disappointed with this steep ascent out of Maupin Valley that served up big sweeping views of dramatic plateaus to the south and east.

Stephanie on mountain top

It was not going to be easy to harness the emotion she feels when being out here on her own. But we tried.

Lance filming Stephanie with gimbal
Stephanie posing for drone shot
Stephanie posing for drone shot

For Steph, emotion runs deep...thinking about her dad, and her heritage.

Stephanie holding picture of her dad

Location Four: The Light Box.

After 11 years of toiling on her skincare formulas, it’s been a challenge to find packaging that lives up to her standards. Getting the product photography to perfectly articulate what’s inside the bottle has been a significant source of anxiety for Steph.

Stephanie's hand over bottle in lightbox

In her patented style, Amarett nurtured her into an enjoyable experience as they curated beautiful product/raw botanical curations.

Positioning Face Oil in Lightbox

The shoot crept into the wee hours of the night so not to miss a detail. 

Amarett & Stephanie shooting at night

The light box juxtposed against the darkness of our backyard was surreal.

Behind the camera

To cap off the evening, we incorporated a prize from our latest camping trip to the Ochoco Mountains. Boop!

Cow skull in lightbox

What is a light box, you ask? It’s a $50 product that removes shadows, smooths out light, and provides a plain background. Things that only your post production person will appreciate. Ta-daa...

Finished I:se Face Serum image

Telling a story through writing, photography and video is a very personal and exciting experience. Four locations, eight friends, 46 hours of editing, 15GB of drive space, and that’s a wrap!

I:se cast & crew

Enjoy the final cut. We look forward to hearing your feedback.